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Skrunk Knuckle

You know that feeling you get when you find something entirely unique, not at all derivative, nor ego driven on the internets? Neither do we.

Skrunk Knuckle is here to aid… or fill… the void. Let’s solve the modern era’s terrible crisis of aesthetics together, on the internet.

We’ll call it “aestheticrises.”

Post-Significance Music

Cassette Tapes

JULY 25, 2021

Post-Significance music and you

Post-Significance Music and You.

“Autonomism? Post-significance? What the fuck are these guys on about? Can’t they just shut up and stick to making crappy cassette tapes of weird music?”

Yes, but then you wouldn’t grow as an individual… and sometimes context is actually useful. Perhaps it is just our evangelical upbringing refusing to die. All the same, if you are reading this, then you are reading this.

“Why are you doing this?”

  • Because there is more than enough glossy, overproduced, and obnoxious mediocre computerized music (O.M.C.M) out there already.
  • Because crawling through the massive slog of crap is exhausting, and it becomes harder by the minute to find decent content- at least WE can be sure WE like what WE make. 

“What is autonomism? What does postsignificance mean?”

To understand Autonomism you will have to read the Autonomism Manifestos by Skrunk Knuckle’s founder Aa. (which is very difficult to do, as it remains unpublished… something we will rectify when we figure out S.K. Press) and any/all of the copious amount (perhaps) of (potentially) forthcoming Autonomist prose, poetry, or MUSIC. 

And post-significance?

  • Nothing matters anymore, and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.
  • There is nothing new at all, ever, and there will never be anything new again.
  • Unique is the new conformist, and the cult of Ego is truly making everyone an insufferable chud.

“Where did this come from? Why have I never heard of you if you have been doing this since the ‘90s?”

Aa., a long-time dropout, has been doing this a long time, but since the leisure class killed the known universe in 2020, even fringe lunatic wingnuts need to hawk their bullshit on the internet. 

“Your choice, not mine.”


Skrunk Knuckle

Adventurous music for the Post-Significance era… and beyond.

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